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Leadership with more than

17 years of experience

Yvonne Green Davis formed Immanuel Group in 2007. After spending over 12 years at the time practicing law with emphasis in real estate transactions (residential, commercial, & construction), development, title insurance, Public Contract Law and Public Finance.  She develop an interest in project management and revitalizing urban neighborhoods. Her passion grew more and more towards Economic and Community Development and revitalization of inner cities as she witness the flight of the population and businesses to the suburbs.  She possesses an in-depth knowledge of federal procurement policies, procedures, and politics. Her distinct advantage comes from her background in working as a Registered Nurse as a healthcare professional for over 15 years, aviation over 15 years and working with local, state and federal agencies in public finance,  and real estate transactions including commercial and construction transactions for over 17 years.  She possesses a unique ability to partner with city, state and federal officials and private industry to customize projects to fit needs and budgets.

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