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Technology and Technical Support Services

Most of our clients’ needs involve having a state-of-the-art technology system in place for every area of services they provide. Immanuel provides information technology management and infrastructure in operations to support our client’s core business and technology needs.


Immanuel supports our client’s data conversion, migration and integration system needs, as well as provide service desktop operations and support, data transport, data storage, cloud solutions, security and cybersecurity. Immanuel offers a holistic approach when it comes to upgrading client’s information technology systems and bring value to our clients over an IT system useful lifetime. Our technology services include, but not limited to:

  • Information Technology Management Strategy

  • Knowledge management maturity assessments

  • Data conversion, migration, & integration

  • Cyber security / information assurance

  • Intranets, portals, & collaboration tools

  • End-to-end support

  • Live portal database systems

  • Document and records management systems

  • Command and control systems

  • Financial and business information systems

  • Process automation and workflow

  • Enterprise architecture

  • Network systems

  • Data centers and database operations

  • Data reduction and analysis

  • Application development

  • Network Engineering

  • Infrastructure Design

  • Network Security:  Firewall systems, intrusion detection, and protection systems

  • Traffic Analysis

  • Software Engineering

  • Database:  Design, installation, implementation

  • Data warehousing from multiple sources 

  • Web design using JAVA implementation

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