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Empowering and Developing People While Delivering Excellent Results.

Education and Training Services

IMMANUEL is a Solution and Value Driven company that partners with local, state and federal organizations to provide superior human resource and leadership planning, training and development to exceed the agencies’ mission, vision and objectives. IMMANUEL provides human development and training services to meet the organization’s culture and workforce needs using the best professors and adjunct professors in the industry on a national and international level. IMMANUEL services include but not limited to:

  • Program Management and Strategic Education and Training Consulting

  • LMS Software Conversion, Migration and Integration Consulting
  • Culture Change and Readiness for Workforce Millenniums

  • Organizational Change and Planning

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Conflict Resolution Planning, Skills and Solutions

  • Crisis Planning and Leadership Development

  • Facilitation Skills Development in Leadership

  • Management Development & Organization Skills

  • Communication Skills and Development

  • Leadership Assessment, Leadership development at the Executive and Senior Level

  • Team Collaboration & Development

  • Women Leadership in the Workforce and Beyond

  • Executive Competencies Qualifications (ECQ’s) Writing and Implementation

  • Executive Leadership Development and Training

  • E-Learning Training and Technology in the 21 Century

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